Take all the benefit of CF stream trough our new CF Power Tools WP plugin

Take all the benefit of CF stream trough our new CF Power Tools WP plugin

CF Stream Video VS CF Power Tools

Cloudflare, the American Society that deals with internet security services, CDN (Content-Delivery-Network), and distributed DNS services, has recently started its partnership with WP Engine ( the WordPress digital experience platform that provides brands solutions to create remarkable sites and apps on WordPress ) to create his new WP plugin, which is amazing, except the fact that unfortunately, this plugin can’t provide all the benefits of the functions that are already offered by Cloudflare Stream strong API library.

For this reason, we have created our cf power tools plugin that take the best part of cf stream plugin by integrating new powerful functionalities such as the importation in the bulk of all your videos from Cloudflare to WordPress and even from external public URLs with one click, by restricting your video only for certain domains or getting all the videos analytics you need directly in WP, etc…

Here you can find all the new opportunities, differences, and features between cf stream video and our plugin cf power Tools create for you by our team

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One of the best parts of this plugin is not only the ability and flexibility to adapt to each program according to your needs, but also the incredibly user-friendliness!

Yes, because one of our main thought was to create something that to use for everyone…from the developer to the blogger or the freelancer who wants to insert his video course in his site, having total control of its content, without the fear that they will be downloaded without is permission.

So you won’t need to struggle to study how it works the platform or the API interface.

Even if your video is already embedded on Youtube. You will only need:

  1. A Cloudflare account
  2. The subscription to one of our programs, and that’s it! You will be ready to use our plugin!
  3. Upload your videos from a publicly accessible URL from our plugin (or from your computer using the Cloudflare interface).
  4. From the CF Power Tools library page, copy the shortcode of each video and paste it where your Youtube link is in your pages/posts

In addition, to make things even easier, you will receive the video ‘step by step’ of how to upload your first video content with cf power tools not to mention the constant support you can receive from our team, always ready to help you and answer to all your doubts and concerns.

Still undecided whether to try or not?

If you don’t like CF Power Tools over the next 14 days, we will refund 100% of your purchase.

money back policy cfpowertools

No questions asked.

1. CF Power Tools is installed on hundreds of websites. There’s a reason why our customers maintain their CF Power Tools subscription – they appreciate the benefits of it!

2. One of our core beliefs is that we put our customers first – ALWAYS – and we do everything in our power to make sure your experience with CF Power Tools is a success.

This guarantee covers a full 14 days no questions asked, and during that time, we will do everything possible to help you succeed.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our cf power tools WordPress plugin. This plugin is the best and fastest way to connect to all your CloudFront distributions and improve your site to make it more popular on the web.

Your affordable easy option to take all the benefits of Cf stream through your WordPress site with new and powerful features.

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Thank you very much! And if you want to take a look at our plugin and receive more info click here

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