All Features

CF Power tools comes with different functionalities and features offered by Cloudflare Stream API.
We make them available from within WP, so that any anyone can use Cloudflare Stream service without technical expertise.


  • Set your basic CF account info
  • Most of the work is done behind the scenes
  • Pick Signed URLs' token validity (buffer time)
  • Revoke signing URLs' key with 1 click
  • Unlock all videos from signing URLs in bulk

Import videos

  • Import videos in bulk from Cloudflare
  • Single video import from Cloudflare
  • Auto fetch Cloudflare information
  • Single import from any URL (e.g. Vimeo, Youtube,...)
  • Automatically import to CF and WP at the same time

Manage videos

  • Domains/subdomains whitelisting
  • Choose to sign URL only for certain videos
  • See all info in a practical Wordpress-like screen
  • Search for all your videos


  • Quickly copy-paste each video's shortcode
  • Modify CF player's parameters for each shortcode
  • WpBakery integrated (native block)
  • Classic editor & Gutenberg compatible


  • Pick specific date
  • Past time period quick selector
  • Search based on title
  • Export to CSV

Want to add a feature?

We are a client-centric company and keen to grow with our customers. If you have any feature that you would like to request, you will have the possibility to do so easily on our website.

Included with all paid plans you get

Simple & intuitive

We conceived CF Power Tools with the average user in mind. CF Power Tools has a simple, minimalistic and intuitive interface based on what you already know: Wordpress ;)

Automated API

Any feature is either automated behind the scenes (API) or a few clicks away. Your protected videos will stream from any website, even from membership protected areas.

Reliable code

We conceived a scalable, robust, secure and efficient plugin. Even by signing the URLs of 10'000 videos at the same time, your server or PHP won't get overloaded.

Bill control

We value transparency and security of your data. We won't store any of your paying methods nor bill you again: you need to do that by yourself at the end of your billing period.


We are constantly improving CF Power Tools by adding new features. With all paid plans, you will get all the needed updates and fixes vs. cloudflare, wordpress and wpbackery as well as new features.


Access the guide, resources and blog articles to help you getting started. Also, we do offer friendly technical support by email and chat. We won't let you down!

Get CF Power Tools Wordpress Plugin for Cloudflare Stream

Import videos, sign URLs & get analytics in one single plugin.
Install and configure it in 2 minutes, then play your favorite videos from within WP.