Get Started

Step 1

Just after your purchase, download CF Power Tools plugin by clicking “CF Power Tools”.

my account e1675519804891

Step 2

Get your license key from “My account” on our website.

license e1675519867479

Step 3

Go to your WordPress dashboard and login.
Go to Plugins – Add New, upload CF Power Tools plugin and activate it.


Step 4

Install the license into CF Power Tools Wordpress plugin.


Step 5

Go to “Power Tools for Cloudflare” – Settings.

step 4

Step 6

Copy and paste inside CFPT’s settings page your Cloudflare’s email:


select your website on Cloudflare and copy the Account ID:


and copy the global API key (not custom token!) and hit save on CFPT’s settings page.

Step 5

Proceed with importing all of your videos into CF Power Tools and integrate their shortcodes into your content. See how it works for more info.

Get CF Power Tools Wordpress Plugin for Cloudflare Stream

Import videos, sign URLs & get analytics in one single plugin.
Install and configure it in 2 minutes, then play your favorite videos from within WP.

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