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Cf stream wordpress plugin with our new and powerful extension

cf stream wordpress plugin

Why you should download our new extension CF Power Tools instead of Cf stream wordpress plugin:


cf power tools vs cf stream wordpress pluginWhat makes video so unique and important nowadays?
According to ” Smart Insight “, more than 90 % of businesses use video in their marketing strategies to increase their revenues .
This because if it’s done through the right content, videos can give you the opportunity to explain, show or entertain your audience in a simpler and more profitable way .
So, if you already know the product you want to sell or what you want to say through your video contents, what is the only obstacle that you could meet?
It could be the wrong platform or the wrong audience…
So why do not choose your website rather than lean on third parties platforms?
Youtube can count on a wide audience but, lot of users doesn’t mean lot of conversion or views. Always more often people leave what they were watching because of the advertisment and the continuous interruptions.
With our new extension CFpower tools wordpress plugin you can import and analyze your video from Cf stream to wordpress with just few clicks and upload all your video within your website thus avoiding advertisment and a wrong audience.

We decided to make some changes at the “official” cf stream wordpress plugin because, after trying it, we realize that for our needs it was not powerful enough.

In addition, we found out that the cf stream service offered its own free plug which actually has limited functionalities. For this reason we created our cf Power Tools WP plugin to improve the existing cf stream wordpress plugin.

With our new solution of cf power tools wordpress plugin you will be able to:

  • Prevent download of your videos by signing their URLs and by whitelisting the only domains you want to stream directly from wordpress (classic, Gutenberg, and WPBackery).
  • Import all the video in just one click.
  • lock and unlock all your videos URLs in bulk so, in case something goes wrong with the tokenisation (e.g. WordPress updates, sudden plugin incompatibilities or malfunctions, etc..), you will be sure that users can still stream the videos.
  • Hide video ID from public (a feature that no ones offer!).
  • Upload a video from a public URL and let Cloudflare do the work for you. You will get all those videos in Cloudflare and within WordPress.
  • Manage all your videos from WordPress. Easily copy-paste your shortcodes and see all the video’s streaming parameters (autoplay, poster, loop, etc).
  • See video analytics details directly from within WordPress such as number of views, duration, average view time, average view rate, etc..
  • You will also have the ability to export everything to CSV in one click.
Video Stream
IN SUMMARY with CFpowertool:
You can enjoy all these features simply downloading our plugin through a very intuitive interface and you won’t need any technical skill to do it!
You will only need to register for your Cloudflare account, follow our simple installation guide and enter the required to use our plugin, set your parameters and start importing all the video you want, (from bulk videos to individual videos) in 5 simple steps:
  1. 1 settingsFill out the setting page with your CF basic parameters (ID, email, API key, etc). There you can also set a “Buffer time” (it means that you can choose for how long your signed URLs will be valid for your users) Buffer time could be valid for short period of time or long period of time: E.g. if your video last 5 min and your buffer time is 5 min, the generated token for the streaming session will be invalidated after 10 minutes.
  2. Add your video as you would do with a normal WordPress page, giving it a title and inserting your video ID taken directly from CF stream
  3. Once you hit “publish” or “update”, it will automatically add the current domain to the allow list only on CF. In this way you don’t have to insert the domains origin via CF interface and sign the URL, de facto, protecting the video. E.g. if someone wanted to grab your URL and copy it in a forum or download it.prevent downloading cfpowertools
  4. Then get all your videos and their shortcodes2 videos
  5. Simply paste the Shortcode wherever you want in your Wordpress and add any parameter you want after it.


To see all other functions visit our website

Cf power tools wordpress plugin is the best way to integrate your footage into your website with wordpress. You can now easily upload, protect and get analytics of your videos with this new extension of cloudflare stream, bringing the power of the CF Stream service to non-techy people.