Cloudflare live streaming or Video on demand?

Cloudflare live streaming or Video on demand?

Cloudflare is a CDN (content delivery network) provider. But with its new service, it can also provide (live) streaming videos and through its platform Cloudflare Stream. However, there is a distinct difference between these two. We will look at how these two are different and how you can use live streaming to get instant results and video on demand to build a long-term relationship with your leads and customers.

Live streaming service presents a great way to drive revenue for your business, the main reason for this strong interaction is simply due to its huge users base that continues to grow every single day especially after the pandemic wave that has changed the way we interact with our daily appointments, just think of all the remote workers who due to the pandemic need to take video courses or participate to live streaming events or another example are all the children who need to replace theirs school lesson with distance learning.

But in order to broadcast live video or video on demand, it’s important to plan ahead and keep your business goals in mind to make sure that the tactic you choose to use is in line with the need of your users but more importantly with the business goals you want to archive.

Live streaming is a type of streaming in which audio or video is broadcasted live over the internet.

The terms Streaming and Live streaming are often used interchangeably but they have different meanings. Streaming is delivering media over the internet that can be played while it is downloaded. Live streaming is a specific type of streaming that is broadcast at the same time it is recorded.


Video-on-demand platforms provide users with the freedom to watch, browse and access a range of video topics in a matter of seconds an example of video on demand are the services provided by television, which allow users to stream for free or for a fee an entertainment product, at any time and place via internet connection (example of paid services: Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video etc. …).



In the last couple of years, schools and companies have had to adapt to the restrictive rules imposed by the pandemic so simple school lectures have been replaced with live streaming lectures by professors, science experiments, student performances, and more. Or think about all the companies that have had to cancel large new product launch events at the last minute with live streaming online events.



Unlike live streaming, Video on demand is always accessible to everyone. Videos can be shared with the intended audience and they, in turn, can watch your videos at any time at their convenience. Also unlike live stream videos, your audience can use chapter markers ( sequence markers) to jump from one part of your video to another focusing only on the sequences that interest them most.

You can also provide a higher quality viewing experience by taking advantage of broadband internet with fast startup and minimal buffering time on all devices such as tablets, PCs, phones, and Smart TVs.

Another important difference is that video on-demand content can be refined and edited before it is distributed. You can use the time to record, edit and preview your video to your advantage, so you can enhance your content as much as you wish and in addition, add different custom effects or call to action.

Finally, another features not to be underestimated is the use of keyword search, so your viewers will be able to search your video library and watch their favorite content whenever and wherever they want, without being bound to any time of transmission so accessing a myriad of content topics in seconds with rapid delivery of the flow.

List of all the benefits you’ll have producing video on demand:

  • Sharing.
  • Connectivity.
  • Content variety using a library of content.
  • Pre-recorded videos.
  • Editing of the video.
  • Sequence markers.
  • Enables efficient targeting and detailed analytics.



Video on demand allows companies and people to reach their individual viewers through the production of different content.

This means that if within your site or channel you touch on different topics, your visitors can choose which content to watch based on their preferences giving you an incredible amount of flexibility.


When you decide to provide video courses to your audience it is helpful to produce video on demand because if then they decide to watch again the course you published they will have the opportunity to do it when and how they want.



Cloudflare Stream is a streaming platform that provides Cloudflare live streaming video and video on demand and can ingest, encode, record, and play videos from one unified product,.

So you can choose whether to provide both services (VOD or live streaming) or just focus on one of the two options.

With the live streaming model, you can take advantage of their low latency RTMP ingestion at over 250 locations, simulcast on streaming platforms such as Twitch and Youtube, live broadcast through the use of Stream Player or any HLS/DASH player, and finally automatic recordings for playback of live events.

Cloudflare stream on demand, on the other hand, offers advanced and reliable technologies such as Adaptive bitrate technology, granular access control through the use of signed URLs, webhook, VAST ads, Customizable HTML5 player with SDK, Advanced subtitle support, and a flexible thumbnail API.


You pay a dollar for every 1000 minutes of streaming and 5 dollars for every 1000 minutes of storage and that’s it!


  • Video on demand and live streaming: You can use Cloudflare Stream to make your video streamable to the world.
  • Gaming: Allow your users from around the world to upload and share videos of their gameplay.
  • Video ADS: Use the Cloudflare Player to stream video ads with the confidence that your stream will be optimized for your audience.
  • eLearning: with Cloudflare Stream will be very easy to build e-learning applications that offer multi-bitrate streaming and other important features such as offline viewing and advanced security tokens.


In case you are looking for a WordPress plugin that is reliable, secure and has the same advanced features as Cloudflare Stream, we suggest you take a look at Cloudflare Power Tools.
It’s a plugin specially created by a team of experts that contains all the advanced features of Cloudflare Stream, unique security features, and a very easy-to-use user interface..but for WordPress!


Both services are powerful and have their pros and cons, but it’s important to understand which service is right for you and your company. We hope this article has clarified little better your ideas.

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