Cloudflare Stream VS Wistia 2022

Let’s start by saying that comparing Cloudflare Stream and Wistia is a questionable choice because even though they seem like two similar platforms at first glance, they are actually fundamentally different, and here’s why. Cloudflare stream is more of a Whitelabel video infrastructure product, created for developers who want to quickly and efficiently deliver their video content using their site while the Wistia solution is more of a digital marketer solution than a video hosting site, it caters to the needs of experienced digital marketers and data-driven companies because it offers advanced features such as embedding lead capture modules or CTAs within the video player itself.

Having made this initial premise, let’s see together what the main features of these two platforms are, how they differ and how they can help you archive your goals.



cloudflare stream vs wistia


Wistia helps B2B marketers get bigger results from their videos, it provides innovative video marketing software which enables any company to create captivating viewing experiences on their sites. It provides 360-degree customization of the player, advanced analytics, and lead generation tools, in addition, you’ll have the ability to publish your gallery of videos, webinars, and more in a single streaming experience.


  • SEO: By embedding keywords within your videos, Wistia can be a great help for your SEO.
  • APPEARANCE: Wistia allows the customization of your video player, you can insert your logo and change the colors of the player according to the colors of your site/company, in addition, it allows flexible dimension of your videos, which means that Wistia has no limitation regarding the size of your video (usually a video must be 16 x 9 widescreen) so you can indulge in creating video content that best suits your style and your brand.
  • ANALYTICS: thanks to its in-depth data analysis, Wistia can help you learn more about your audience and their behavioral habits, through this data you will be able to better profile your audience and your advertising campaigns.
  • HYPERLINKS AND FORMS: Wistia allows your audience direct access to your website thanks to its option of using forms and hyperlinks in your videos.


  • PRICE: Wistia charges based on how many videos you have on their platform and not based on the length of your video like other platforms, this implies that if you have more than a few videos to release, the cost for each one will be pretty expensive.
  • REPRODUCTION OF YOUR CONTENT: Unlike other platforms such as youtube, for example, Wistia does not suggest the display of your videos to your audience. To be clearer, if for example after finishing a video YouTube suggests other videos related to the topic or video of the same person Wistia just produce the video you uploaded without giving further suggestions or without showing other videos of your channel.



Cloudflare Stream VS Wistia

Cloudflare Stream is a reliable and affordable tier-A streaming platform; it provides end-to-end video infrastructure at scale. It handles storage, encoding, and adaptive bitrate playback for you, so you can focus on making your own video

Cloudflare Stream is designed for developers on the world’s most connected network. The goal of Cloudflare Stream was to offer a service as easy and efficient as YouTube with the power and control you previously only got from custom solutions, in addition, Cloudflare Stream provides the functionality needed to deliver an exceptional video streaming experience quickly and reliably to a global audience.


  • PRICE: Cloudflare Stream simply charges a dollar for every 1000 minutes of streaming and five dollars for every 1000 minutes of storage. ( This charge is inclusive of encoding, global delivery, and player).
  • USE: Cloudflare Stream is designed for all developers who want to create video content in their applications and beyond.
  • SECURITY: It has one of the most secure, fast, and reliable CDN on earth. Cloudflare Stream is also the perfect choice for those who decide to create video courses, tutorials, sensitive or paid content because through its security tools Cloudflare Stream guarantees maximum protection of your videos through advanced features such as Signed URLs, HLS technology, Encryption/JWT, and the opportunity of whitelist only some domains.
  • ANALYTICS: Offers detailed analysis of your audience’s behavior and video playback as for example Number of views; time viewed in seconds; the number of videos buffering events and the number of times the quality level has changed.


  • INTERFACE: As we said before, it’s a developer service so if you’re not very technical it might be a bit complicated to use.
  • WORDPRESS PLUGIN: The only plugin available for WordPress carries with it the same problem as the service, that is, a difficult interface for those who are not IT masters or not familiar with codes and API calls.

But for this problem we’ve already found the solution ready for you, it’s called Cloudflare power tools, and it could be the solution to all your problems not only because it’s a well-made plugin and easy to use even for those who are not very technical but because inside it contains the same unique features of Cloudflare Stream but for WordPress so in a few clicks you’ll be able to import, manage and secure all your videos inside your WordPress website…great no?!


We hope you enjoyed our article about the differences between Cloudflare Stream and Wistia. Cloudflare Stream is a great service and more suitable for uploading video courses or paid video content thanks to its video uploading speed and multiple tools to secure your video while Wistia instead given its core business and its cost I would recommend more for those who want to generate leads and conversions through the publication of their video.

With this information, we hope you can decide which service is best for you and start broadcasting your video live with ease! Thanks for reading, we’re excited to share our knowledge with you and we hope you become a video marketing expert in no time at all!