Prevent users from downloading videos

Do you want to prevent users from downloading videos? Do you want to start a small business by offering online video-based training courses? Offering film streaming service?

If the answer is yes, first you must know that…

The concept of online piracy is one of the most controversial topics in the entertainment industry. This article will explain why video piracy is one of the biggest threats for the entertainment industry and how you can prevent users from downloading your videos without your permission with our new WP plugin CF Power Tools.

The increasing number of paid subscriptions needed to watch the multimedia content led, after a major decline in 2015, to a new and important increasing of multimedia content piracy. This is happening again because users are not willing to pay for an exclusive content service to watch videos or movies for a fee. Leading, as a sad consequence for ROI, many companies to lower the cost of their subscription services.

Through our new tool, you can optimize your costs and taking advantage of all our functions such as content protection.
We have recently launched our new CF Power Tools Wordpress plugin which uses the power of Cloudflare Stream servers to cache any media that is uploaded to WordPress.
This then allows you to stream your media content, but also prevent users from downloading videos.This new tool can be used to protect any footage that are uploaded to your site and stop people from distributing them without your consent. It is really useful for your brand, helping to stop people using your videos in their own content without your permission

Prevent users from downloading videos

Here is the practical guide on how to prevent users from downloading videos with our new CF Power Tool

  • First thing to do is to set up your basic Cloudflare Stream account info (if you already have a Cloudflare account, just choose one of our plans and then fill the form with the settings). Here you can find our easy installation guide for download our plugin in Wordpress.
  • Secondly, after filling the various fields within the area dedicated to buffering time ( token validity), you have to choose for how long your signed URLs will be valid. They may be valid for short periods of time or longer periods of time; it’s up on you to decide! While at the same time you can protect your video or APIs from unauthorized users (token validations are used to verify that the users who wants to view your content are really who say they are).
  • Always remember that if you want to revoke signing URLs’ key you can do it with one simple click and the same things goes if you want to unlock all videos from signing URLs in bulk.
  • Then import all the videos you want in bulk from Cloudflare Stream or if you prefer you can import single video from any URL (e.g Vimeo, Youtube, etc…) with no effort or specific skills. Our service will automatically import your videos to CF and WP at the same time!
  • At last, after simply copied and pasted the unique video shortcode generated by the plugin in any of your posts or pages to see the CF video player, you will be able to manage all videos from WordPress and see all the video’s details in one single click. (you will also have the opportunity to get  video analytics directly from within WordPress including: number of views, duration, average view time, average view %, etc..) You will be able even to search and to filter them by date, fetch the previous days (weeks or months) stats and export everything to CSV.

We hope you found this post about how to prevent users from downloading videos helpful.

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If you have any other questions or concerns about our new plugin, please feel free to contact us anytime at any time.

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