Cloudflare Stream Wordpress plugin [for Video Protection]

Cloudflare Stream wordpress plugin offers signed URLs functionality that allows you to protect your videos: allowing the streaming only from certain domains, hide the video ID and prevent people to download it.

But you need to be a developer or hire one to create a very complex script to make this working for WordPress … well, until now! 😉

We developed Power Tools for Cloudflare Stream, a WordPress plugin that does exactly that! Just purchase it, download it, install it on WordPress as you do with any plugin and start protecting your videos!


> Here there is a video that we uploaded on Cloudflare Stream and we protected with our plugin. Use your favorite downloader (e.g. JDownloader, ANT downloader,…) and try to download it:

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Having a hard time? 😉

We have a simple formula for you:
Cloudflare Stream + WordPress + our CF Power Tools plugin = Your streamed video can’t be dowloaded and remains on your website!


But let’s start from the beginning with a short introduction for those of you that are interested on reading more.

Cloudflare Stream is an affordable solution for hosting, encoding, delivering via CDN your videos, integrating them with its own video player. It actually do pretty much what youtube, vimeo, wistia are doing… but it’s free from advertisements and much more convenient (starts from just $6/month). Just create an account and explore its potential.

CF Stream offers a very nice alternative to youtube for a very low monthly costs and performs equally as well as youtube… but without advertisements ;).

WordPress is the most popular website builder, used for nearly 1/3 of worldwide websites.

Our Cloudflare Stream Power Tools WP plugin will allow you to protect your CF Stream videos. You don’t need any technical expertise, it’s really easy to use. Continue reading to find all of its advantages!


Probably, if you are reading this article is because you already knows that CF/WPEngine already developed a WordPress plugin.

This plugin is excellent if you only aim to manage your CF Stream videos from within WP and embedding them on your WP pages.

Unfortunately it doesn’t do any other functions that Cloudflare Stream offers. So we developed a plugin that protects your streamed videos keeping them private and preventing anyone from downloading them – and much more. If you want to know more details of how this is done, we explained that here.

The infographics below depicts the main differences between the two Cloudflare Stream Wordpress plugins:


Here are our Cloudflare Stream Video Protection WP plugin advantages:

  • manage your Cloudflare videos directly from within WordPress
  • allow streaming only from certain domains
  • prevent streamed videos download
  • control all player parameters directly from WordPress (loop, autoplay, mute,…)
  • set time-limited token validity and its duration
  • protect and unprotect videos in 1-click
  • assign a single shortcode to each video
  • use it with WordPress Classic Editor, Gutenberg & WPBackery
  • get all analytics and export in CSV
Download CF Video Protection WP Plugin

How it works

After you purchase it, you can download it instantaneously and configure it with a few clicks filling in the setting details according to your requirements.

Of course, to be able to use this plugin you need to have a Cloudflare Stream account. You can upload the videos here, and Cloudflare will process them and assign a unique ID.

In WordPress, you can then integrate the videos thanks to this ID, that will remain secret. Following the instructions mentioned in the step-by-step guide provided with the purchase you will be able to transform that ID into a block or shortcode and embed your protected videos wherever you want in your Wordpress pages.

Your video will be protected with Cloudflare signed URL (tokenization): only certain domains can stream the video (the ones you add to the allow list) and it will be nearly impossible to download it from your website.


There are 2 options to integrate your video in your WordPress pages:

  • Using the dedicated “CFMedia block” (available only if you have WPBackery installed)
  • Using the shortcode, if you have Classic Editor or Gutenberg.

Hard to believe it, right?

Well, it’s reality now 😉

Download CF Video Protection WP Plugin

Read our FAQ or feel free to get in touch with us for any comments, doubts or questions you may have.