Cloudflare Stream + WordPress = CF Power Tools

cloudflare stream and wordpress = the new cf power tools plugin

Cloudflare which is a popular CDN and web performance solution used by over 12 million websites has launched a new product, Cloudflare Stream which offers media performance and security service for your video content. There is no need to dive into details, I believe all of you are already familiar with the potential of this […]

WordPress embed video plugin: best of 2021

CFPT the best WordPress embed video plugin

What you should check when you lookup for a good WordPress embed video plugin? HERE you can find an easy guide to learning how to manage your video within your website like a PRO The Internet has changed the way we do business. It’s no longer simply enough to have a website with information about […]

5 reasons for choose Cloudflare Stream and CF Power Tools instead of Youtube

Why use cloudflare stream and CF Power Tools instead of Youtube

Cloudflare offers end users a series of tools that help improve the performance of their websites and this article will look at 11 reasons why you should choose Cloudflare Stream and CF Power Tools instead of Youtube. Cloudflare Stream is a live video platform that lets you stream live video through a simple-to-use web interface, […]

Take all the benefit of CF stream trough our new CF Power Tools WP plugin

wordpress cf stream vs cf power tools

CF Stream Video VS CF Power Tools Cloudflare, the American Society that deals with internet security services, CDN (Content-Delivery-Network), and distributed DNS services, has recently started its partnership with WP Engine ( the WordPress digital experience platform that provides brands solutions to create remarkable sites and apps on WordPress ) to create his new WP […]

How video plugins for Wordpress can improve your SEO

SEO Video plugins for wordpress CFPOWERTOOLS

Why video plugins for Wordpress can be useful to obtain a better position in google search? SEO (Search engine optimization) is a master’s game. You need to consider so many factors before you can truly master it, considering that Google’s algorithm keeps changing every time. One way of doing this is by optimizing your videos […]

10 reasons to choose our new CF Power Tools Wordpress plugin solution

cfpowertools how it works e1642624830699

Cloudflare, one of the fastest growing startups in Silicon Valley, has recently unveiled a new Wordpress plug-in that will help the millions of Wordpress bloggers to show video within their blog post. With our new solution CF Power Tools, which is an extension of the existing Cloudflare Stream Wordpress plugin, we help bloggers to better […]

CF Stream Wordpress Plugin new extension available

Cf Stream wordpress plugin with our new and powerful extension Why you should download our new extension CF Power Tools instead of other wordpress plugins: What makes video so unique and important nowadays? According to ” Smart Insight “, more than 90 % of businesses use video in their marketing strategies to increase their revenues […]

Prevent users from downloading videos

Prevent users from downloading videos cfpowertools

Do you want to prevent users from downloading videos? Do you want to start a small business by offering online video-based training courses? Offering film streaming service? If the answer is yes, first you must know that… The concept of online piracy is one of the most controversial topics in the entertainment industry. This article […]

CF Power Tools Video Protection Wordpress Plugin in Action

Cloudflare WordPress Plugin

Cloudflare Stream offers its own free plugin which, actually, has limited functionalities. So we created our CF Power Tools wordpress plugin for Cloudflare Stream to miss that gap. We tested the “official” WordPress plugin but in our case, it was not powerful enough. We needed to integrate the functionality of signed URLs into WordPress to […]